Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Profile Timer Pro v1.0 Now Available

The Pro Version is now available in the Android Market for a mere $0.99! It contains the timer function of Profile Timer Free, PLUS the following features...
  • Presets - save your common timer settings.
  • Multiple time increments - add/subtract 1, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes to your timer.
  • No ads!

1 comment:

  1. Hi!

    Profile Timer: v1.1
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S
    OS: Froyo 2.2

    I was using Profile Timer free for a few month and then I decided to buy the pro version. Not because I needed more functionalities, but because I wanted to support you as a developer. :)

    Unfortunately, I'm less happy with the Pro version than with the free one, let me explain why:

    1° License Check
    Every time I go in a meeting, I rapidly turn on Profile Timer Pro and (I have no active Data connection > APNDroid) the license check blocks me for 10-15 seconds before I can set the timer. My suggestion would be to try to make the license check when the timer is already running, so you would have plenty of time to do the license check. ;)

    2° Presets
    Yeah, presets is a great idea, but in the facts, I don't save time using presets. When I don't use presets I do following:
    - One tap: Open Profile Time
    - One tap: Open duration
    - One tap: Select duration
    When I use presets following happens:
    - One tap: Open Profile Time
    - One tap: Open Presets
    - One tap: Select Preset
    Well... You see that in each case I need three taps.... My suggestion is to allow launching Profile Timer directly in the Presets menu. Like that you would save one tap. :)